Town of Watertown property owners may have items placed on the agenda for
the Plan Commission and/or the Town Board Meeting by contacting the Town
Clerk 7-10 days prior to the Monday meeting date (second Monday of the
month). Any request made after that will be placed on the next months
agenda. *The Town Chairman makes the final decision if* *an item will be
placed on the agenda.*
Agenda's are posted by the Friday before the meeting date at the following
locations: N8729 River Road, Watertown Public Library, Town Hall, and Town

Position Outlines

Town Positions Outline

Custiodial Duties

Town Hall Rental Coordinator

Town Maintenance Workers

Treasurer Duties


Building or Remodeling: 262-490-0277

Past Minutes: Clerk-920-261-5690 or see Archives

Past Financial Reports: Treasurer-920-988-6580 or see Archives

Town Hall Rentals: Town Residents Only 920-261-3661

Road Signs or Property Number Signs: 920-261-5690 or 920-262-9384

Tree's Down, etc: 920-285-4996 or 920-261-2964

Large Items, Etc in Ditch or Side of Road: 920-988-8744 or 920-285-4996 or


Assessor for the Town of Watertown:

*Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.*
*P.O. Box 2111 Appleton, Wisconsin 54912*