Miscellaneous Information

Town of Watertown property owners may have items placed on the agenda for
the Plan Commission and/or the Town Board Meeting by contacting the Town
Clerk 7-10 days prior to the Monday meeting date (second Monday of the
month). Any request made after that will be placed on the next months
agenda. *The Town Chairman makes the final decision if* *an item will be
placed on the agenda.*
Agenda's are posted by the Friday before the meeting date at the following
locations: N8729 River Road, Watertown Public Library, Town Hall, and Town

Position Outlines

Town Positions Outline

Custiodial Duties

Town Hall Rental Coordinator

Town Maintenance Workers

Treasurer Duties

Clerks Duties


Building or Remodeling: jmmoosereiner@gmail.com 262-490-0277

Past Minutes: wttnclerk@gmail.com Clerk-920-261-5690 or see Archives

Past Financial Reports: wttntreasurer@gmail.com Treasurer-920-988-6580 or see Archives

Town Hall Rentals: (Town Residents Only) 920-261-3661

Road Signs or Property Number Signs: 920-261-5690 or 920-262-9384

Tree's Down, etc: 920-285-4996 or 920-261-2964

Large Items, Etc in Ditch or Side of Road: 920-988-8744 or 920-285-4996 or


Assessor for the Town of Watertown:

*Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.*
*P.O. Box 2111 Appleton, Wisconsin 54912*