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Town of Watertown Comprehensive Plan Update is Underway.

The Town of Watertown Town Board recently hired the firm of Martenson & Eisele to assist them with updating the Town’s first comprehensive plan adopted in 2003.  Much has happened since 2003 including a new Hwy 26 By-Pass,  economic impacts of the Great Recession,  a new Jefferson County Farmland Preservation Plan,  a growing farming economy, 2010 Census, a change in housing preference driven by the younger “Millennial” and retiring "Baby Boomer" generations and much more.    No community is immune to these shifting trends.

The 2016/2017 comprehensive plan update effort will need to address the impacts of these changing trends and conditions within the Town.  Public input is always welcomed. Please check this posting on the Town’s Web Site for periodic updates, draft information, meeting announcements and much more.  Please see the public comment box on this web site to log your suggestions, concerns, opportunities and questions.   We welcome your input and look forward to a successful planning effort.   Onward!

Town of Watertown Comprehensive Planning Goals and Objectives

The following is a summary of the overall goals and objectives for the Town of Watertown. These goals and objectives are repeated within the context of each element and are further defined by corresponding policies and programs at the end of each section.

Community goals are broad statements expressing public preferences for the long term (20 years or more). They specifically address key issues, opportunities and problems that affect the community. Goals are value-based statements that are not necessarily measurable.

Objectives are narrower than goals and are measurable statements usually attainable through direct action and strategic planning. The accomplishment of objectives contributes to fulfillment of the goal.

Planning Goals and Objectives

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