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The population for the state of Wisconsin is about 5,871,840. Located in Jefferson County (Population 84,412) the Town of Watertown has a population of 1974, of which 1544 are of voting age. The town covers an area of approximately 59 miles. It surrounds three sides of the City of Watertown (population 23,899), and also boarder's the Town of Ixonia to the East, Village of Johnson Creek to the South and Towns of Milford and Shields to the West.

The County seat is in the city of Jefferson. The town relies on the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for coverage, while for Fire and EMS response, either the Town of Ixonia Department or the City of Watertown will respond, depending on the location.

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Town Website: www.townofwatertown.us

Town Hall: 920-261-5690

Building Inspector: 262-490-0277

Assessor: 1-800-721-4157

Hall Rental: 920-261-3661